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Exam I Fall 10 - Name CHEM3 40.01:B iochemistryI Exam 7...

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Name CHEM 340.01: Biochemistry I Exam 7 Septemb er LZ , ZO1.O P:rt !A: Single Answer Multipte Guess (2 pts. Each) For I-18, choose the single best answer. Maik your answers on BorH the scantron and the Exam. 1) water is said to not behave as a "normal" liquid. one of the ways in which liquid water is not is: a) the liquid form is less dense than the solid form. b) the is more fluid rhan ,t\l mole of l.iquid. water takes up more volume than a mole of water vapor. (d)rlthe is more dense 2) The "weird" properties of water are primarily due to: 4l the shape of a water molecule. y :!" d.ifference in electronegarivity of oxygen and hydrogen. c,t tne stze ot a water molecule. d) the density of water. 3) ln terms of thermodynamics, the reason that oil and water don,t mix -"1 the enthalpic cost of keeping oil molecules separate from each otherin water too high. jF ll9.:.qhobic interaction between roo srrong. f; Xjm':,:."'^TtjTln:it.1otecul3s from each olher in water AH for the process of mixing too small. 4) The eq_uilibrium constant for the reaction H2o + Hre -* Hao* + oH- is a) 10-z M @ 10-16M c) 10t4M d) to-eM 5)fRu.have a buffer at a pH that is 2 units greater its pK". In this solution: I all the concentration the conjugate base is approximately 100times greaterthan the V concentration of conjugat" ".i2. b) the concentratiox,of is approxim ately 2times greater 7r;lconcentration of the conjugate acid. lytht concentration.of the conj-ugate acid,is approximately 1 00 times greater base. d) the concentratiorr,of acid ,* zs 6) ,s.any peptide at a pH greater its (gZnegative. b) positive. c) neutral. d) dependent on its concentration. pl, its net charge will be: rr| 7 er
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Name 7) One method of purifying proteins involves putting them in conditions where they will selectively bind to a chemical group that has certain chemical properties. To make a protein with a pl of 5.0 bind to a negatively charged group, it would be best to put the protein: a) at pH 7.0. lhat is equal to the pK, of the selecting group. B) What would be the effect of diluting a 100 mM buffer solution at pH 8.0 to a concentration of 10 mM? a) the pH would increase significantly. b) the pH would decrease A{he effective buffering range would be changed. (f)he PH would remain near 8.0. 9) ,-What would be a 100 mM HCI solution to 10 mM? h-- t#il: il;::i3 ['J,:x';'J,l'fixTl q oa - \o '-- \) c) the pH would remain near 1.0. d) it would behave as a buffer. 10) Which of the following is not considered to be a "weak" interaction found in proteins? a) Hydrogen bonds.
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Exam I Fall 10 - Name CHEM3 40.01:B iochemistryI Exam 7...

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