Exam II Fall 10

Exam II Fall 10 - W hoA reY ou ilil[il 3 40 S I0fiInMI$TRyi...

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Who Are You? ilil[il 340: SI0fiInMI$TRy I, ilXAM 2 October I 3, 2010 Part I: Mukiple Guess $a points-2.5 pts. each) For each of the questions below, choose the single best answer. Please mark you answers on both the scantron card and the exam. 1) Which of the following is one of the major classifications of protein 3D structure? a. aneular .6. sl"fih :_-_ y __-_/ c. DutDous d. string-like 2) Which of the following is something all of the structural proteins we have studied have in common? a. Similar amino acid sequences. 3) A person who is deficient in vitamin C intake for long periods of time may experience weakening of connective tissue due to the weakening of collagen. What is the role of vitamin C in collagen strength? .-Vitamin C binds to collaqen to make it st t svntFesizes the co ule needs vitamin c. Vitamin a that can coilagen. d. An enzyme that modifies specific amino acids in collagen requires vitamin C. 4) What is the reason that pure silk fabrics retain their shape and do not stretch or distort? a. Silk proteins are just extra strong. b. Silk proteins are hydrophobic and very thermostable. ."45 as they can The peptide 6onar in silk fi"b'ioiri die sTrongei 5) Which of the following statements concerning the spontaneous folding of proteins is false? It may initially invol ise formation of local secondary structure. ion of a highly compact state. c. d. It mav be defective in some human diseases.
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7) A certain protein has 10 cysteine residues and forms 5 disulfidebonds when folded properly. How 5 disulfide bonds? solution is /east likelvto cause a loss in protein 3D structure? ---- r/, 6 c d * c. d. 9) The a. 11)ln a. 105 10s e The Protein foldine can occur onlv within a cell. c. tion for a pToGln [o amino acid d. Proteins are not very stable molecules. 10) In order to completely unfold RNAse, two different chemicals, urea and p-mercaptoethanol (BME) were needed. What role did each chemical play in unfolding RNAse? a. BME was used to oxidize the disulfide bonds and urea was used to disrupt global structure. b. Urea was used to oxidize the disulfide bonds and BME was used to disruot slohal crrrrrfrrre d. Urea was isulfide srupt t structure. the presence of a detergent RNAse experiments provided support for what hypothesis? the answer options for the previous question, the term "global structure" refers to what? o 12) A form of RNAse
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Exam II Fall 10 - W hoA reY ou ilil[il 3 40 S I0fiInMI$TRyi...

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