Exam II Spring 10

Exam II Spring 10 - Name 4 CH*M 340-SfuBicfw_tche*rirtrY I...

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4 Name; CH*M 340-Sfu Bi{tche*rirtrY I Exam Z-Frct*in Functlon March t7 , ?At} P*r,t l-[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[iuttiFf* Guw fSfltJ ; F*r itxnx l-25, sels$ t{ro si4gle 6erf a*sw*n Flsase rwrky*w ans*rr on bsth the Sswmn eurd and the ixam.(2 paints mch] tr ) The inleracticns t# ligandt with'proteins ai are relatively nonspecific bl *rc'relaliwly rare in biological syr*rns' (f{l are usuallv trangient X usualfy result in thee i**c?ivatian *f l*r* protein$. ?}A gro-up of a*lglgi-n it a non-pmiein structure that is the protein" reqrrired firr the prCIt€in tn funeticn properly' a subsfrate o{ th* prot*ilr, a p*rt *f the *econdary *truc$re of th* p'roreln. 3) lfhich of the follawirrg staternents about protein:ligalsl-hiryli?"9 is cgmctt (5i) The larger the$", the smaller the (d. .. r V fn* KiF*q"ffTo the csrcentratiil of ligand when all of the binding slter are occupred' k "Vffuf ei The the K* the weaker the affinity' I \ - I ' v il. , dl The the f, the tighter the binding. OA No, tf the K6 of a certain proein far ligand X ir 2.5pM, which of the folltrwing statements must also be lru*:? yt' r'n* Ki ff:ru$t abo b* 2.5pM" hL The concentration af the protean must be greater than 2'SpM. @ ;'il" ;.*ntrutio* *f ttrt protein ns r orldanu ttre $sas&g#ms.d,fuJglld ir g*c[6. n *nry*e will nst have lig*rid boundio it. -- dl tf tlre c*neentration of thc protein is 2.Spfut and the {onr€ntrati$n af tht ligand k 1 Orlh{, thim, I'15 pM errzyme will nat have ligand bound to it. 5; Wh*n referring to a protein-lignnd pair, the te{Tn thet* {S} reprerent*; al the fracl{on sf total li$and that is bound ttr pnotein. hl ttre fraction of total pnltein Srat to ligand. (t! fraction of tt*al bin*ing *itm that hav* Iigand bound to them" -ilt the ratis of ligand.re.cupied lrinding xite* to ligaurd-free binding *ite*. 6) In fhe biding the relatianship hetweetr F(}. anr{ s ran best be described &3: A linear lvith a ne{tative s}ope. (!/ hyperbolic. c! linear with a positlva slope" dt rignroidal" p
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Nome: 7) Myrylubin and the indivldual *ubunitx of trem,*globin have: a) *s obvious struetural relati*n*N'rip. bI velry different prirnary and tertiary strucfrrrs$, dl u*ry rimilar primary and tertiary structures- (8il u*ry similar te*iary srru{tureq, fout ditTerent prim*ry srru:cture$. \-/ B) An allo:teric interactisn betr',reen a ligand and a pralein [n one ln which: 91 binding *f a rneil*eule to a bi*dlng sits affectx b]ne{i*g of arlclitir;nal rnolecules t* the sarne *ite. Qj fina;nf af a m*Ne*u]* fqr a hineling site sffcctx binding properties rrf *nather rite sn the pr*tein. di binding *f the ligan,rl ttr the prt:tein is c*val*rrt, di *v* cllfferena
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Exam II Spring 10 - Name 4 CH*M 340-SfuBicfw_tche*rirtrY I...

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