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Review Sheet Exam 4 Chem 101 S. Bontems Chapter 10 - Main Topics Explain the concepts of VSEPR and hybridization. Use Lewis Dot structures to predict the following: Shape Bond angles Hybridization Polarity Draw orbital overlap diagrams as done in lab. Know the differences between sigma and pi bonds. Explain concepts of Molecular Orbital Theory. Calculate bond order. Chapter 11 - Main Topics Define the four main intermolecular forces and be able to explain what causes each. Look at the structure of molecules and be able to discuss the expected intermolecular forces. Know how these forces affect the boiling point trends. Know the definition of viscosity and surface tension and how IMFs affect these. Also know how and why T affects viscosity. Be able to explain each section of a heating curve. Pay particular attention to why the T is constant in some sections (define heat of fusion and heat of vaporization). Calculate the amount of heat to melt or vaporize a given mass or moles of a sample.
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Unformatted text preview: You need to understand the definition of vapor P and interpret Vapor P curves as done in class. Define boiling point in terms of vapor P and predict changes in BP due to changes in external P. Use the Clausius-Clapeyron equation (given to you – no need to memorize) to calculate heat of vaporization and BP at different pressures as done in the sample problems. Phase diagrams – know the phases and technical terms for phase changes. Chapter 12- Main Topics Understand and apply the factors that affect solubility. Predict solubility trends based on structure of molecules and solvents. Know the definition of saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated. Calculate using % by mass or volume for solutions. Know how to calculate molality. Be able to predict and calculate boiling point elevation and freezing point depression....
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