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AR(2) PREDICTION EXAMPLE AR(2) PREDICTION EXAMPLE ± Eigenvalues for AR(2) process: ± Condition number for AR(2) process: ± Eigenvectors: AR(2) Prediction Example ± Optimal Wiener solution: ± Transformed tap-weight error: ± Trajectory for MSE: AR(2) Prediction Example AR(2) Prediction Example ± Small values of µ result in overdamped MSE response.
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Unformatted text preview: Larger values of around 2/ max result in a under-damped MSE response. Locus of MSE for identical eigenvalues , fixed n : circle with center at origin and radius |J[n] MMSE|/ . Locus of MSE for unequal eigenvalues : ellipsoidal, semi minor/major axis: |J[n]-MMSE|/ 1,2...
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