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Debugme Eas230 - a = pow( x, 2.0 ); b = sin( a ); //...

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#include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; int main () { int x; double a, b, c; char hold; bool debugMe = true; // loop from 1 to 10000 for (x=1; x <= 10000; x++) { // for each value of x, calculate x-squared and sin of x-squared
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Unformatted text preview: a = pow( x, 2.0 ); b = sin( a ); // display if debugMe is true if (debugMe == true) { cout &lt;&lt; x &lt;&lt; &quot; &quot; &lt;&lt; a &lt;&lt; &quot; &quot; &lt;&lt; b &lt;&lt; endl; } } // display sin of last x-squared cout &lt;&lt;&quot;after x = &quot; &lt;&lt; x &lt;&lt; &quot; b = &quot; &lt;&lt; b &lt;&lt; endl; }...
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