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Homework Policy eas 207

Homework Policy eas 207 - will be discarded for hw grade...

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Homework Policy A couple reminders for homework submissions: -Print your name and section in the top left corner --Follow the format, without it the highest grade you can get is a 1 out of 4 -Don't cram your work into a small space, make it easy to follow and make sure to show all your work -If your HW has more than one page, staple it, don't fold the corner, the pages will get separated and/or lost. There are staplers which are free to use next to the printing centers around campus. -If you rip the pages out of a spiral bound notebook and the edge still has the stuff from the notebook, cut/rip/take it off HOMEWORK POLICY: 1. At the end of each lecture two to three problems will be assigned as homework and the HW will be due at the next lecture. A total of 35 hws will be assigned during the semester and 5 hws with lowest scores
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Unformatted text preview: will be discarded for hw grade calculation. 2. Homework must be turned in at beginning (within the first 5 minutes) of class on the day, which it is due. 3. Late homework will not be accepted 4. Homework must be in pencil, and must be neat. 5. Homework must follow this format: Given: (statement of problem) Find: (what are you after) Solution: (analysis leading to result) The answer must be boxed. 6. Homework solutions will be posted in a glass cabinet near the elevator on first floor of Ketter Hall for 48 hours following due date. Please don’t ask to see them after they are taken down. 7. Homework will be graded 4,3,2 or 1 . The basis for grading will be as follows: 4 = correct format, correct solution & answer 3 = correct format, some errors 2 = correct format, many errors 1 = incorrect format or little effort...
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