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Free Body Diagrams The best method for calculating acceleration from force is through a free body diagram. This process, though fairly complicated, is extremely useful. Step 1: Draw the physical situation in which an object exists. It may lie on an incline, be attached to a string, or simply be resting on the ground. Step 2: From the center of the body being examined, draw vectors representing each force acting upon the body, giving the magnitude of each one. Step 3: Sum all horizontal components of forces acting upon the object
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Unformatted text preview: • Step 4: Sum all vertical components of forces acting upon the object • Step 5: Find the net force acting on the object, using the sum of the vectors found in steps 3 and 4. • Step 6: Divide the net force by the object's mass to find the acceleration vector of the object. • Step 7: From the acceleration vector, compute velocity, position, or any other necessary kinematic quantity....
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