From concept of inertia

From concept of inertia - ground is accelerating; in this...

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From concept of inertia, we can develop the idea of an inertial reference frame, meaning a frame in which a body has no observed acceleration. This concept has limited application to classical mechanics, yet is essential for the study of Relativity. Consider a body with no net force acting upon it. For example, imagine yourself in an accelerating automobile. You look out the window, and the ground seems to be accelerating in a direction opposite the motion of the car. Clearly no net forces act upon the ground, yet from the frame of the car the
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Unformatted text preview: ground is accelerating; in this case the car represents a non-inertial frame, and measurements of inertial fields from non-intertial fields do not conform to the rules of Newton's Laws. If, however, the car is traveling at a constant velocity, the ground will also appear to be moving back with a constant velocity. In this case, the frame of the car is inertial, as no net acceleration is observed. Any inertial reference frame is thus valid one in which to make calculations based on Newton's laws....
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