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Homework Set #9 The pressure acting on the windows of a high-rise building is Y = CV 2 , where V is wind speed in km/hr, and C is a local effect factor, the units of which are such that Y is in kg/cm 2 . The local effect factor and the 10-year peak wind speed at the site of the building have the following mean values and standard deviations: m C = 0001 . 0 , σ C = 0001 . 0 m V = 100 , σ V = 20 C and V are uncorrelated. The strength of the window is Y * = 5 kg/cm 2 . (a) Sketch the failure boundary in (C, V) space for
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Unformatted text preview: 0.0001 < C < 0.0005 and 100 < V < 200. (b) Make the corresponding plot in the space of the normalized variables C and V: C m C V m V ' C = and ' V = C V (c) Calculate the second moment reliability index for a 10-year exposure using the iterative procedure given in class. Operate in the space of the normalized variables C and V. (d) On the sketch you made, indicate the iterations and show convergence to the point....
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