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assn1_past - SR-91 Congestion Pricing(Orange County CA...

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MEMORANDUM TO: 1.201J/11.545J/ESD.210J Students FROM: °Joseph M. Sussman DATE: September 7, 2006 RE: Topic Selection on Assignment 1 We thought you would be interested in the Assignment 1 topics selected by the 1.221 class (the predecessor class to 1.201) in previous years. JMS Attachment
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Hudson County, NJ LRT Acela US Interstate System Bogotá's Transmilenio Small Aircraft Systems Parcel Companies: Transformation to Supply Chain Management Silicon Valley Smart Corridor O'Hare Airport Congestion in Bangkok MBTA Green Line San Francisco Municipal Railway Double Hull Tanker Safety Port of Long Beach, CA Subway Service in Lower Manhattan Bogotá congestion relief strategies Paris Metro India Western Sea Link Freeway project JFK Airport Terminal 4 MBTA Silver Line Extenstion of Shenkansen Investing in Automation Taiwan High Speed Rail
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Unformatted text preview: SR-91 Congestion Pricing (Orange County, CA) Logan Airport Terminal A US Navy Logistics Japanese rail ticketing Public transportation in Seoul, South Korea Congestion charging in London International container shipping Suburban Boston transport South Korean High Speed Rail Public Transportation in Hyderaba, India JetBlue Transit Access to NYC Airports Fulton Street Transit Center (NYC) NYC MTA bus and subway Athens Olympic Transportation Pittsburgh Airport link Roads in India Brooklyn Bridge Future automation of the NYC Subway Amtrak Congestion relief for I-95 in NYC Transportation of people and goods in Palestine US Defense Transportation Venice water transportation Portland LRT (MAX) Container Trade Issues Genesis of the TGV British passenger rail Honolulu public transport/airline pricing US High Speed Shipping...
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