assn2a - 1.201J/ 11.545J/ ESD.210J Introduction to...

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1.201J/ 11.545J/ ESD.210J Introduction to Transportation Systems FALL 2006 INTRODUCTION TO ASSIGNMENTS 2A AND 2B Distributed Lecture #3 September 14, 2006 Lecture 4, Assignments 2A and 2B are a coordinated enterprise. The overall intent is to give you an in-depth experience with a particular transportation concept –The US Interstate System– and its relationship to other transportation systems and societal issues. Lecture 4 will be devoted in large part to a class discussion of the US Interstate System. In preparation, we ask you to read the R6 papers under Additional Readings listed in the syllabus. Then in Assignment 2A, we ask you to write several short responses, to be handed in at the beginning of Lecture 4. Think of it as a “ticket of admission” to Lecture 4. Of course, we will discuss a broader range of topics than the responses requested in Assignment 2A. Please come prepared to participate. We won’t cold-call so you will have to raise your hand if you want to get into the discussion. Lecture 4 should help prepare you to do Assignment 2B (to be distributed at
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assn2a - 1.201J/ 11.545J/ ESD.210J Introduction to...

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