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1.201J / 11.545J / ESD.210J Transportation Systems FALL 2006 ASSIGNMENT 2B : Transportation System Fundamentals Date assigned: September 19, 2005 (Lecture 4) Date due: September 29, 2005 (day after Lecture 7) Value: 10 points Each of the 30 Key Points is important in understanding transportation systems. In this assignment, you will write a paper that relates these key points to a specific transportation concept. The transportation concept that you will examine is the Interstate System. While the Interstate System is the focus of this assignment, it is not simply “about the Interstate” We urge you to take a broad view, considering its relationship to other transportation and transportation-related systems. Your task is to take some of the 30 Key Points and relate them to this transportation system. Of course, not all key points are equally relevant. Indeed, some may be irrelevant to this particular system. Choose the key points you think are most applicable. Explain your rationale for choosing the key points
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Unformatted text preview: you select and clearly discuss how each selected key point applies in this case. In addition, discuss connections between your key points where appropriate, and the effects one may have on the other(s). Use the articles given in Assignment 2A as sources of information for your paper. Feel free to conduct additional research to aid in the formulation of your thoughts. Further information on the key points can be found in the lectures and the readings, while additional details on the Interstate System can be found in many online resources. Lexis-Nexis is an excellent searchable database for newspaper and journal articles. If you are unfamiliar with Lexis-Nexis, please see the TA for assistance. The assignment has a maximum page limit of 10 pages (not including the reference list), 1.5- or double-spaced, using 12-point font. As with previous assignments, clarity and presentation will be factored into the grading of this assignment....
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