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1.201 / 11.545 / ESD.210 Transportation Systems Analysis: Demand and Economics Assignment 1 Preamble Guidelines for Submitting Assignments Please follow these simple guidelines when submitting your assignments in this class. They are designed to maximize readability, gradeability, and credit received. 1. Assignments are due by the end of class on the due date. 2. It is your choice whether to write up your assignments in analog or digital formats. 3. Regardless of this choice, you must submit a paper copy of your assignment for grading, which should have your name and the assignment number clearly marked. 4. All supplementary electronic materials (e.g. large spreadsheets with intermediate results) should be submitted via Stellar but need not be printed. 5. Please start every problem (but not sub-problem) on a fresh page 6. Please box all of your final answers. 7. Please state all of your assumptions and show your work for maximum partial credit. 8. Be sure to follow all other guidelines set out in the class policy on academic honesty and integrity.
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Part One Case Study: A Rail/Truck Corridor The objective of this case study is to introduce the concepts and methodologies associated with multi-modal transportation systems analysis. We will consider a corridor between one origin-destination (O-D) pair with an existing truck freight service and will study the possibility and implications of adding a rail service to that corridor. Figure 1 shows the corridor connecting the two points A and B, the truck service currently in place, and the proposed rail service. Figure 1 The following notation will be used: V TOT : Total volume of freight transported between A and B (using both services). V
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MIT1_201JF08_hw_1 - 1.201 11.545 ESD.210 Analysis Demand...

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