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1.204 Quiz 1 Solutions Spring 2009 Name ______________________________________________________ Exam guidelines: 1) 80 minutes are allowed to complete the quiz. 2) Open notes; open book. 3) There are 4 questions (100 points) and 7 pages (including this one) in the exam booklet. 4) No laptop computers, calculators, cell phones or messaging devices are allowed. Please turn off any that you have brought. 5) Please write legibly you are welcome to use both sides of the paper; we can provide additional paper if necessary.
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Question 1. Data modeling (25 points) Create a model of a railway reservation system. A passenger can make a reservation for a seat on a train on a date between an origin station and a destination station. A single reservation can cover up to 6 people traveling together; one seat is reserved for each person in the group. Each reservation has an ID and one passenger’s name; the remaining passengers in the group are not identified in any way. The reservation system contains all trains and all stations that they serve (and other information, such as departure and arrival times, that you do not have to consider in this problem). Train numbers are unique on a given day. Seats on a train are numbered uniquely. Station names are unique. You do not need to model whether seats are available or not; assume the requested reservation (train, date, number of passengers) can be made. Draw
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MIT1_204S10_quiz01_2009_so - 1.204 Quiz 1 Solutions Spring...

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