134lecture10(feb02)bw - Material culture Sociology of...

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1 © 2005 David Schweingruber Sociology of Monuments Feb. 2, 2005 http://www.iastate.edu/~soc.134 © 2005 David Schweingruber Material culture Culture: language, values, beliefs, rules, behaviors, and artifacts that characterize a society (p. 31) Material culture: artifacts of a society, which represent adaptations to the social and physical environment (p. 96) Includes clothing, buildings, inventions, food, artwork, writings, music, etc. Material culture both reflects and shapes nonmaterial culture (e.g., norms, values, ideology) James Loewen’s Lies Across American (1999): a study of monuments as material culture Loewen distinguishes between “past” (things that happened) and “history” (what we say about them) © 2005 David Schweingruber Nathan Forrest statue in Memphis, TN Confederate cavalry leader Forrest has more statues in TN than any other state honors a single person Historic sites are always the tales of two eras Era of person or event honored Era when monument was erected Forrest monuments erected between Reconstruction and Civil Rights movement Forest is symbol of white supremacy First national leader of KKK Slave trader before war, hired black convict labor after war
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134lecture10(feb02)bw - Material culture Sociology of...

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