134lecture13(feb09)bw - Three perspectives on socialization

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1 © 2005 David Schweingruber Socialization Feb. 9, 2005 http://www.iastate.edu/~soc.134 © 2005 David Schweingruber Three perspectives on socialization Structural-functionalism: socialization perpetuates society by making needs of individuals match needs of society Conflict perspective: socialization reproduces inequality “Haves” & “have-nots” are socialized differently “Haves” control agents of socialization Symbolic interactionism: socialization involves learning shared meanings that make social action possible Role-taking: ability to see oneself from the perspective of others and to use that perspective in formulating one’s own behavior (p. 132) Looking-glass self: sense of who we are that is defined by incorporating the reflected appraisals of others (p. 131) Howard Becker’s “Becoming a Marihuana User” Definitions: Newman’s Sociology (2000). Pine Forge Press. © 2005 David Schweingruber Becoming a Marihuana User Research method: participant observation, 50 interviews Premise: Any behavior (e.g., marihuana use for
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134lecture13(feb09)bw - Three perspectives on socialization

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