134lecture28(mar23)bw - Basic stratification terms...

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1 © 2005 David Schweingruber Explanations for Stratification March 23, 2005 http://www.iastate.edu/~soc.134 © 2005 David Schweingruber Basic stratification terms Stratification: ranking system for groups of people that perpetuates unequal rewards and life chances in society Socioeconomic status (SES): prestige, honor, respect, and lifestyle associated with different positions or groups in society (p. 330) Social mobility: movement of people or groups from one class to another (p. 330) Social mobility may be intragenerational or intergenerational What differs from one stratification system to another? What determines a person’s SES (e.g., ascribed vs. achieved characteristics)? How much social mobility is allowed? © 2005 David Schweingruber Four stratification systems Slavery: economic forms of inequality in which some people are legally the property of others (p. 328) Slavery systems vary in how slavery status is determined and whether mobility is al owed
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134lecture28(mar23)bw - Basic stratification terms...

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