Chan Outline - 1600s Chinese and Filipinos reach Mexico on...

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1600s Chinese and Filipinos reach Mexico on ships of the Manila galleon. 1830s Chinese "sugar masters" working in Hawaii. Chinese sailors and peddlers in New York. 1835 U.S. and China sign first treaty. 1848 Gold discovered in California. Chinese begin to arrive. 1850 California imposes Foreign Miner's Tax and enforces it mainly against Chinese miners, who often had to pay more than once. 1852 First group of 195 Chinese contract laborers land in Hawaii. Over 20,000 Chinese enter California. Chinese first appear in court in California. Missionary Willian Speer opens Presbyterian mission for Chinese in San Francisco. 1854 Chinese in Hawaii establish a funeral society, their first community association in the islands. People v. Hall rules that Chinese can't give testimony in court. U.S. and Japan sign first treaty. 1857 San Francisco opens a school for Chinese children (changed to an evening school two years later). Missionary Augustus Loomis arrives to serve the Chinese in San Francisco. 1858 California passes a law to bar entry of Chinese and "Mongolians." 1860 Japan sends a diplomatic mission to U.S. 1862 Six Chinese district associations in San Francisco form loose federation. California imposes a "police tax" of $2.50 a month on every Chinese. 1865 Central Pacific Railroad Co. recruits Chinese workers for the transcontinental railroad. 1867 Two thousand Chinese railroad workers strike for a week. 1868 U.S. and China sign Burlingame - Seward Treaty recognizing rights of their citizens to emigrate. Eugene Van Reed illegally ships 149 Japanese laborers to Hawaii. Sam Damon opens Sunday school for Chinese in Hawaii. 1869 Completion of first trancontinental railroad. J.H. Schnell takes several dozen Japanese to California to establish the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony. Chinese Christian evangelist S.P. Aheong starts preaching in Hawaii. 1870 California passes a law against the importation of Chinese, Japanese, and "Mongolian" women for prostitution. Chinese railroad workers in Texas sue company for failing to pay wages. 1872 California's Civil Procedure Code drops law barring Chinese court testimony.
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1875 Page Law bars entry of Chinese, Japanese, and "Mongolian" prostitutes, felons, and contract laborers. 1877 Anti-Chinese violence in Chico, California. Japanese Christians set up the Gospel Soceity in San Francisco, the first immigrant association formed by the Japanese. 1878 In re Ah Yup rules Chinese not eligible for naturalized citizenship. 1879 California's second constitution prevents municipalities and corporations from employing Chinese. California state legislature passes law requiring all incorporated towns and cities to remove Chinese outside of city limits, but U.S. circuit court declares the law unconstitutional. 1880
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Chan Outline - 1600s Chinese and Filipinos reach Mexico on...

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