GRADING2004 - Course Staff Sociology (&Asian Am) 220:...

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1 Sociology (&Asian Am) 220: Ethnic Movements in the US: Orientation Course Staff Pamela Oliver, Professor Peter Brinson, Teaching Assistant Shauna Morimoto, Teaching Assistant Web page: Go to the “Sociology 220” section Sociology 220 Announcements If you are trying to get into the class, fill out the “first day” survey and take a syllabus: we will talk to you at the end of class Shauna & Peter will handle section switches, later. Indicate your needs on the survey Fill out the “first day” survey and leave it here: your proof of class attendance. ALSO put your name on a separate piece of paper and answer the last question as your first “lecture comment” If you have decided to drop, PLEASE tell us on the survey & leave it behind. Also leave syllabus copy with us. Philosophy of Course About African Americans, American Indians, Hispanics/Latinos (especially Mexican American), & Asian Americans + their experiences with European Americans Everybody has an ethnicity About history & structures, not being a good person About who is a “real” American GRADING Discuss 5% Journal 35% Papers 60% Course meets both ethnic studies & communication-b requirements NO TESTS Grading dimensions Incompatibility between learning & grading, need to balance the imperatives For the goals of the “e,” learning is central. Student-centered, ungraded, learning through writing & talking: Journal + discussion For the goals of the “com-b,” learning + certifying (grading), emphasis on writing & argumentation quality. Graded papers.
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2 How the parts work together Books, lectures, papers, discussion section “loosely coupled” (not discussing the same things) Student-centered learning: we create a context, give you things to think about, ask you to do the thinking and learning YOU make the connections, pull things together Each student will have a different learning experience, controlled by you Books: 1 from each group is required
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GRADING2004 - Course Staff Sociology (&Asian Am) 220:...

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