Day 2 Problems with patterns MATH 2203

Day 2 Problems with patterns MATH 2203 - second train has...

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1/19/2011 1 Eric the Sheep It’s a hot summer day, and Eric the Sheep is at the end of a line of sheep waiting to be shorn. There are 50 sheep in front of him. Being an impatient sort of sheep, every time the shearer takes a sheep from the front of the line to be shorn, Eric sneaks up two places in line. How many sheep will be shorn before Eric? Representations Making Trains Jim is making trains out of snap cubes. Each train has an engine, which is 4 white snap cubes, and one or more train cars. Each train car is made of 3 yellow and 2 red snap cubes. The first train has an engine and one car, the
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Unformatted text preview: second train has an engine and two cars, etc. What are some of the patterns of numbers that could represent aspects of these trains? Bring a Friend Charlie, Michael and Andy go to a neighborhood day camp the first day of summer. They have so much fun that the next day, they go back and each child brings a friend. The third day, each of the children present on the second day returns and brings a friend. The same situation occurs everyday. What is the number of children each day? How many children would there be on day 10?...
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