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George_and_the_Popcorn_Graphs - ”-9 P0?GGRN GRAPES George...

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Unformatted text preview: ”-9 P0?GGRN GRAPES George and his famin were watching a movie and eating pnpcorn. Each famfly member had a bow} with the same amount of popcorn. The graphs below aii show the amount of popcorn remain- ing in the person’s bowl over a period of time. Under each graph, write a few sentences describing what may have happened. Gearge‘s Sister Time Time - .‘h Gearge’s Dad Amwni of Popcorn ‘E‘Ima Gaorge’s- mum Amwnt of Popaam Time Franz flu: Matfiemtics Thacher, Apfil 1-999 "34‘? ...
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