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Story_Problems_Sheet_1 MATH 2203

Story_Problems_Sheet_1 MATH 2203 - coupon is the same as...

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Story Problems For each problem, write one or more equations to represent the situation. Tell what the variable represents. Solve the problem. Check your solution. 1. Cory had some cars. Ryan gave him 8 more. Now Cory has 23 cars. How many cars did he have to begin with? 2. Betty bought 3 bags of bows. After she used 3 bows to wrap gifts, she had 24 bows remaining. How many bows were in each bag? 3. Four times one-third of my secret number is equal to 5 more than my secret number. What is the secret number? 3. Nine more than 3 times a secret number is the same as 6 less than twice the number. What is the number? 4. The altitude of a submarine is 60 meters. If this is 23 meters less than its previous altitude, what was the previous altitude? 5. The total cost of 8 onions and a $3 cantaloupe is the same as a dozen onions and a $1 off coupon. What is the cost of one onion?
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Unformatted text preview: coupon is the same as the total coast of 2 boxes of cereal and a $12 ironing board. What is the cost of a box of cereal? 7. A medium orange has 70 calories. This is 10 calories less than one fourth of the calories in a Snickers candy. How many calories are in the Snickers candy bar? 8. The Nile River is 245 miles longer than the Amazon River. If the Nile River is 4157 miles long, how long is the Amazon River? 9. The Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall. This is 140 feet more than twice the height of the Washington Monument. How tall is the Washington Monument? 10. Ryan has $100 more than Jim. Together they have $410. How much money does Jim have? Write story problems for the following equations. 11. ± ²³ ´ ³µ 12. ¶· ± ·¸· ´ ·²¹ · 13. º » ´ ²¼ 14. ± ² ³ 15. ´µ ¶ · ² ¸µ ¹ º³ 16. º» ² ¼ ½¾ 17. ¶³· ² »¿ 18. ³(µ ¹ ´) ² ¸´·...
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Story_Problems_Sheet_1 MATH 2203 - coupon is the same as...

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