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Unformatted text preview: ASSIGNMENT: Active Learning in Exotic Locations TASK: Prepare an active learning bulletin board display that utilizes the special environment of the Baton Rouge Zoo and focuses on one or more GLE’s for your grade level. For our purposes, this bulletin board can take several forms (game, observations, etc.) and ideally uses one or more of the basic science process skills. This bulletin should be able to be used by a teacher to prepare students for their field trip to the zoo or can be utilized as a post-field trip wrap-up activity. Description. 1. Your presentation should also include a (A) mini bulletin board display on a particular animal that you viewed at the zoo. It should incorporate pictures that were taken while on the Safari Hunt at the Baton Rouge Zoo. The theme of the bulletin board poster should align with a specific GLE at your grade level . Please use (at least) one sheet of poster paper (your choice of color). Each of your pictures needs to be neatly labeled with an informative description. A minimum of 10 pictureschoice of color)....
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