EDCI 3125 Syllabus Fall 2011

EDCI 3125 Syllabus Fall 2011 - EDCI 3125 - Fall 2011...

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EDCI 3125: Curriculum Discipline: Science, page 1 of 7 EDCI 3125 - Fall 2011 Curriculum Discipline: Science (Elementary, Grades 1-6 Science Teaching Methods) Instructor: Mrs. Angela Webb Office: Peabody 223D Office Phone: (225) 578-2476 E-mail: awwebb@lsu.edu Office Hours: M 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, T 3:30 – 4:30 PM, or by app’t Class Meetings Mondays & Wednesdays, August 22 – Nov 30, 2011 Time: 12:40 – 2:30 PM Location: 102 Peabody Final exam: Dec 6, 2011, Time: 7:30-9:30 AM Requires concurrent enrollment in same section of EDCI 3124. Course Catalogue Description EDCI 3125 – Structures of science disciplines applied to teaching science in grades 1-6; standards-based pedagogical strategies, techniques, and materials coordinated with basic principles of learning. 2 hrs. lecture, 2 hrs lab/field experience in multicultural, multi-level settings. Field-Based Experiences and Artifacts Field-based experiences are intended to provide the opportunity to hypothesize and reflect upon methods and strategies explored in class, and to adapt the students’ beliefs to the realities of the elementary classroom. Each student will spend a specified amount of time in an elementary school classroom leading science lessons, as well as working with individuals or small groups of children as needed. EDCI 3125 students will work in pairs, so that a peer is always available to provide feedback through observation and written reflection. Failure to complete the field-based experience adequately means failure to successfully pass this course. Reflective Practice Students will reflect on field-based experiences, as well as current events and critical issues in science education. Effective Professionalism Students are expected to make the transition from "taking courses" to "being a professional". ! Treat attendance as any professional would . This includes arriving promptly for class and field-based experiences. It also includes dressing professionally for your role as teacher during your field experiences. ! Be prepared for and participate in class discussions and activities. Sharing ideas and reactions to readings and field experience are an important part of the learning process. ! Act professionally and maintain high professional standards . Students will be expected to act professionally while performing activities in the classroom and field. ! All assignments should be prepared as if you would be presenting them to your future principal. ! Please turn off your cell phone during class. ! Dress and act professionally while performing field experiences. Course Evaluation Projects 20% Class assignments 30% Field experience & related assignments Exams 5% Reading quizzes/guided reflections 30% Class exams (two) 15% Final exam Evaluation Scale This course adheres to the LSU Evaluation Scale: 93-100% A Distinguished mastery of the course material 85-92.5% B Good mastery of the course material 77-84.5% C Acceptable mastery of the course material 69-76.5% D Minimally acceptable achievement for credit
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EDCI 3125 Syllabus Fall 2011 - EDCI 3125 - Fall 2011...

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