EDCI3125 sound lesson

EDCI3125 sound lesson - Lesson Plan Template Name: Deanna...

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Lesson Plan Template Name: Deanna Howell and Michelle Owens Date to be taught: 10/10/11 Targeted Grades: (Circle or highlight one.) K-2 3-5 6-12 Content & Focus of Lesson: Language Arts: Math: Science: Physical Science, Forms of Energy Focus: pitch and volume of sound Social Studies: Other: School: LSU Host Teacher: Webb 5E Lesson Title: Sound Louisiana GLE’s: Third Grade Use the words high/low to compare the pitch of sound and the words loud/soft to compare the volume (amplitude) of sound (PS-E-C1) Pose questions that can be answered by using students’ own observations, scientific knowledge, and testable scientific investigations (SI-E-A1) Predict and anticipate possible outcomes (SI-E-A2) Student Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to sort objects based on pitch and volume. Students will be able to create and use a table and graph to record data collection. Key Vocabulary: 1.Sound 2.Vibration 3.Sound Waves 4.Pitch 5.Frequency 6.Volume (amplitude) Material Needed: Whole class Copies of table template Graph paper Per group Three 16 ounce glasses A spoon Per student Evaluation questions Lesson Context: Introduction to Sound Time Planned for this Lesson: 45 minutes 5E Lesson Sequence: Engage: 1. Three 16 ounce glasses fill each glass at different water levels with a pitcher. In the first glass, place four ounces of water. In the second glass, place eight ounces of water. Fill the last glass to the top. 2. Ask the students to predict which water level produces the highest pitch and which water level produces
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This note was uploaded on 12/04/2011 for the course EDCI 3125 taught by Professor Webb during the Fall '11 term at LSU.

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EDCI3125 sound lesson - Lesson Plan Template Name: Deanna...

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