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Glacial erosion sheet answeredEDCI 3125

Glacial erosion sheet answeredEDCI 3125 - Answer will most...

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Name: Date: Glacial Erosion” 1. What do you predict will happen to the aluminum foil as it sits in the freezer overnight? Answer should include some form of the following: Aluminum foil will have a thin layer of ice that has formed. 2. What did the block of ice feel like? Answer will most likely be that the ice felt cold, hard, and appeared sort of glassy. 3. What happened when you rubbed this over clay?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer will most likely be something like this: The ice cracks and breaks, the clay becomes soiled and breaks away. 4. How can you relate this to glaciers? Answer should relate to this: This relate to glaciers because the mass of ice begins to break and crack because of the freeze-thawing process, which causes pieces of rock to break off and move to the base....
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