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grade 2 science GLEs LA - Science Grade-Level Expectations...

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Science Grade-Level Expectations: Grade 2 1 Science as Inquiry The Abilities to Do Scientific Inquiry 1. Ask questions about objects and events in the environment (e.g., plants, rocks, storms) (SI-E-A1) 2. Pose questions that can be answered by using students’ own observations, scientific knowledge, and testable scientific investigations (SI-E-A1) 3. Use observations to design and conduct simple investigations or experiments to answer testable questions (SI-E-A2) 4. Predict and anticipate possible outcomes (SI-E-A2) 5. Use a variety of methods and materials and multiple trials to investigate ideas (observe, measure, accurately record data) (SI-E-A2) 6. Use the five senses to describe observations (SI-E-A3) 7. Measure and record length and temperature in both metric system and U.S. system units (SI-E-A4) 8. Select and use developmentally appropriate equipment and tools (e.g., magnifying lenses, graduated cylinders) and units of measurement to observe and collect data (SI-E-A4) 9. Express data in a variety of ways by constructing illustrations, graphs, charts, tables, concept maps, and oral and written explanations as appropriate (SI-E-A5) (SI-E-B4) 10. Use a variety of appropriate formats to describe procedures and to express ideas about demonstrations or experiments (e.g., drawings, journals, reports, presentations, exhibitions, portfolios) (SI-E-A6) 11. Identify and use appropriate safety procedures and equipment when conducting investigations (e.g., gloves, goggles, hair ties) (SI-E-A7) Understanding Scientific Inquiry
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grade 2 science GLEs LA - Science Grade-Level Expectations...

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