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Name: Date: Quiz Questions: 1. In what ways were you able to classify your sedimentary rocks? (GLE 2: SI-E-A1) I was able to classify my sedimentary rocks by color (dark or light), by hardness or softness (how easy they were able to break), if they were metallic or nonmetallic, if they were heavy or light, and if they made streaks when rubbed against a surface. 2. What are some specific characteristics that helped you identify
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Unformatted text preview: specific sedimentary rocks? (GLE 42: ESS-E-A5) I was able to identify the six sedimentary rocks based on some of the physical properties that some of them had. For example, Fossil Limestone has imprints of a fossil on the surface, it is a lighter color, it has craters from burrowing, it is rougher than many of the other sedimentary rocks....
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