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RUBRIC_5E_Lesson_Rubric_FALL_2011 - Student Name Lesson...

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Student Name: Lesson Title: RUBRIC: Written Lesson Plan Using the 5E Learning Cycle General Lesson Plan Mechanics Criteria Description Comments Lesson detail All stages of the lesson are clearly described in enough detail so that someone else could teach the lesson; each step is numbered and reflects an orderly progression. ___ Meets Expectations ___ Needs revision Lesson formatting 5E template for lesson was used. A hard copy is turned in. Lesson is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Materials list is complete and quantities listed. ___ Meets Expectations ___ Needs revision Lesson objectives It is clear from the stated objectives exactly what the student is expected to be able to do at the end of the lesson. Stated objectives use action verbs. ___ Meets Expectations ___ Needs revision GLEs LA GLEs (content/inquiry) identified are appropriate and are addressed in the lesson. The lesson focuses on students’ being able to achieve the listed GLEs/ learning objectives for this lesson.
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