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Sedimentary lesson 2 - Lesson Plan Template Name Michelle...

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Lesson Plan Template Name: Michelle Owens and Deanna Howell Date to be taught: 11/07/11 Targeted Grades: (Circle or highlight one.) K- 2 3-5 6-12 Content & Focus of Lesson: Language Arts: Math: Science: Sedimentary Rocks Social Studies: Other: School: Buchanan Elementary Host Teacher: Mrs. Fraser 5E Lesson Title: Sedimentary Rocks Louisiana GLE’s: 2. Pose questions that can be answered by using students’ own observations, scientific knowledge, and testable scientific investigations (SI-E-A1) 42. Identify and use appropriate tools to gather and study rocks, minerals, and fossils (ESS-E-A5) Student Learning Objective(s): 1. Students will be able to classify and record properties of sedimentary rocks by observing their physical characteristics (i.e. hardness, softness, streak, color, metallic, nonmetallic, weight, etc.). 2. Students will be able to use appropriate tools, such as magnifiers, to gather characteristics to identify sedimentary rocks (i.e. sandstone, limestone, breccia, conglomerate, etc.). Key Vocabulary: 1. Sedimentary Rock 2. Cementation 3. Sandstone 4. Limestone 5. Breccia 6. Conglomerate 7. Fossil Limestone 8. Oil Shale 9. Arkose Material Needed: Whole class “My Life as a Rock” video (youtube) Explanation video Per group Sandstone Limestone Breccia Conglomerate Fossil imestone Oil Shale Arkose 3 magnifiers Per student Evaluation questions Lesson Context: Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks Time Planned for this Lesson: 40 minutes 5E Lesson Sequence:
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Sedimentary lesson 2 - Lesson Plan Template Name Michelle...

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