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soil erosion quiz questions answeredEDCI 3125

soil erosion quiz questions answeredEDCI 3125 - apart or...

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Name: Date: Quiz Questions: 1. How did the before and after photos of erosion help you in your investigation with the sand castles? (GLE 3: SI-E-A2) The before and after photos helped me see that the water would most likely erode the sand away, causing the sand castle to lose it’s shape and essentially “disappear.” 2. What did you think would happen when water was added to your castle? (GLE 4: SI-E-A2) I thought that it could possibly sink at the top peaks of the castles, or that it would fall
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Unformatted text preview: apart, or that it would just sink and spread out slowly into the water while losing it’s form. 3. In what ways can habitat loss or change occur as a result of natural events? (GLE 50: SE-E-A5) Landslides can cause land to change in the way that it moves downward. Rainfall can cause land to be eroded away overtime, and can happen very quickly with effects of hurricanes....
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