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Programming Project Evaluation Form Student Name: Project: Date: Correctness Criteria: Reads normal input data Handles incorrect input data Calculates correct results Outputs results properly Prints appropriate error messages Score:______/ 50 Design Criteria: Problem decomposition Choice of data structures Choice of algorithms Program efficiency (space/time) Score:______/ 20 Documentation Criteria: Comments for classes and methods Comments describing algorithms Comments describing data structures
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Unformatted text preview: • Description of program design • Description of test results • Description of known problems Score:______/ 10 Style Criteria: • Method and variable names • Program indenting • Use of white space • Ordering of methods • Easy to read code Score:______/ 10 Testing Criteria: • Normal input data • Incorrect input data • Special cases for data structures • Special cases for algorithms Score:______/ 10 Grader Comments: Total:______/ 100...
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