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Homework 3 - b Write a SAS program that will read the data...

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Homework 3 (due week of 9/19) Data3 in our class website is a dataset in an excel file. It contains 8 variables and 49 observations. It is a class roster of a Biostatistics class showing results of 5 tests administered in spring semester. a) Save the data as a text file ( .txt or .prn ) in location of your own choice- i.e. either in the desktop, or ‘documents’, or flash disk, or CD, etc etc
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Unformatted text preview: b) Write a SAS program that will read the data as it is. Use the infile statement. DO NOT copy and paste or type in! c) Create a new variable the Final Grade, which is the average of the 5 tests. d) Print the first 25 observations for class 3 only, by gender. As usual, email me the SAS program code before next class. PRINT the output (only part (d)) and bring it with you in the next class...
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