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Homework 4 (Due week of 10/3/2011) Data4 Data5 on our web are 2 excel files containing data of 40 individuals under study in a clinical research. Note that the data was collected from the same 40 individuals at 2 different times hence the 2 separate files. In this study an individual is considered active if lifestyle is 2, and sedentary if lifestyle is 1. Blood pressure for adults is classified into four types: Hypertension if systolic blood pressure (sbp) is greater than 139 and diastolic blood pressure (dbp) is greater than 89. Isolated systolic hypertension if sbp is greater than 139 and dbp less than 90 Isolated diastolic hypertension if sbp is less than 140 and dbp is greater than 89 Normotensive if sbp is less than 140 and dbp less than 90 Instructions
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Save the 2 files, separately, as text files (either as .txt or .prn ) in your convenient location. 2) Load the data into SAS using the Infile statements 3) Write a program code that will combine the 2 datasets 4) Incorporate in your combined dataset all the conditions given in this study. 5) Use the data from no. 4 above to Print BY gender the observations for the active, non-smoking individuals only and bring with you the hard copy in next lab. 6) Use only 1 graph to summarize the data for Bone Mineral Density using dataset from no. 4 above. Your graph should be very clear and elaborate as possible. As usual email me the SAS code before the next class and bring with you, in the next class, a hard copy of the output (part 5 and 6 only)...
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