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Homework 5

Homework 5 - 2 Data7 on our web is an excel file that...

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Homework 5 (due week of 10/31) 1) Data6 on our web is an excel file that contains data collected from a water well by the Utah Division of Water Quality. The water quality is monitored by measuring particulate levels. This data shows nitrate, zinc, and total dissolved solids (TDS) concentrations over time. a) Save the file as a text file (.txt or prn) in your convenient location. b) Read the data into SAS using an infile statement. c) Create a new variable to reflect that the well is contaminated if nitrate > 0.12, zinc > 0.02, or TDS > 516. If none of these conditions hold, the well is not contaminated. Use a frequency table to find out the number of readings that indicate the well is contaminated. d) Create a two-way table for contamination by year.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Data7 on our web is an excel file that contains animals ’ immigration and emigration information (in % ) by year collected from a National Park in Turkey from 1955 to 1989. a) Repeat a) and b) above. b) Create a new variable that reflects the migration balance: emigration – immigration. c) Generate histograms for immigration, emigration, and migration balance. d) Plot a graph of immigration vs. emigration and describe their relationship e) Plot on the same axes, the graphs of immigration and emigration against year. ( 2 graphs on the same plot ) As usual email me the SAS code before the due date and bring with you, in class, a hard copy of the output...
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