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Homework 7 Use data2 on our web to 1) Generate a two-way table for diastolic blood pressure for the 6 groups of gender by marital status. Which group is healthier? 2) Generate summary statistics and construct graphs (stem and leaf, boxplot and histogram)for the diastolic blood pressure in the data. Are mean median and mode equal or close or very far apart? Are there any outliers in this data? Comment on shape of the histogram (is it skewed or symmetric?) Instructions:
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Unformatted text preview: Of course you need to save and read the data into SAS using the infile statement. As usual email me the SAS code before the due date and bring with you, in class, your report/solutions with relevant output attached. FAQ Do we have a stapler in the lab? No we don’t . Can I come and print in the lab? Printer may be out of order or out of paper (most times is) Do we have Finals? No but if you insist, we can arrange. Do I need to come to class? I don’t know...
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