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Homework 8 File data8 in our web contains data of randomized double-blind, controlled study conducted in 1989 to determine the safety and efficacy of a particular compound in treatment of scleroderma, a multi-system skin disease characterized by thickening of the skin and possible involvement of the blood vessels and internal organs. Skin mobility is the sum of mobility scores from 20 locations and assesses the ability of the skin to be stretched, compressed, and lifted. Skin thickening is the sum of thickening scores graded 0-3 (3 is the worst) from 15 areas. Patients assessment is the sum of scores from the hand, forearms, and arms using a score of 0-3( 3 is the worst). The treatment the patients used was either drug = 1 or
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Unformatted text preview: placebo =2. Assessment improvement is the difference between the first assessment score and the second assessment score. i) Compute descriptive statistics for assessment improvement for the group that took the drug and the group that took the placebo ii) Construct graphs (stem and leaf, probability plots, boxplots, histograms) for the assessment improvement for these two groups. iii) Using the descriptive statistics and the graphs above, describe ( in details) the shape of the distribution for the assessment improvement for these two groups. ( indicate the ID of patient with unusually high or low improvement, if any)...
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