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IT 102 PensareA_PensareDi

IT 102 PensareA_PensareDi - to See the example below Olivia...

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The verb, pensare , means to think ; however the meaning of the verb alters somewhat depending upon which preposition that you use. See below for an explanation on the usage between pensare di and pensare a : pensare di means to think, in the sense of having an opinion or a belief about something : Luisa: Marco, cosa pensi della guerra americana in Afghanistan? Luisa : Marco, what do you think about the American war in Afghanistan? Marco: Davvero, Luisa, non mi piace. Qualche volta penso che non ne valga la pena. Marco: Really, Luisa, I don't like it. Sometimes I think that it is not worth it. In the example above, Luisa is asking for Marco's opinion on the war in Afghanistan. You might also see and hear the question Che ne pensi? or Cosa ne pensi? -- remember, though, to use the ne , there generally should be something in which the ne can refer back
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Unformatted text preview: to. See the example below: Olivia: Marco, hai letto sui giornali che Lodo Alfano era bocciato? Olivia: Marco, did you read in the papers that Lodo Alfano was overturned? Marco: Sì, certo. Cosa ne pensi? Marco : Yes, of course. What do you think about it? ( ne = del fatto che il Lodo Alfano è stato bocciato ) • pensare a means to think about a particular someone or something: Maria sempre pensa a Marco. Forse è innamorata di lui! Maria is always thinking about Marco. Maybe she is in love with him! Vittorio: Samuele, sembri distratto? Tutto a posto? Vittorio: Samuel, you seem distracted? Everything ok? Samuele: Ah, scusa. Pensavo alla guerra in Afghanistan ed agli italiani che sono morti di recente. Samuele: Ah, pardon. I was thinking about the war in Afghanistan and the Italians that died recently....
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