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Astronomy 104 Professor Wilcots TA Kelley DIS 404 11 October 2010 Homework 2 1. Mercury Venus Earth Moon Mars Surface area 74,800,000 km² 460,000,000 km² 510,065,600 km² 37,940,000 km² 144,798,500 km² Mass 3.30200x1 0 23 kg 4.86900x10 24 kg 5.9742x10 24 kg 7.36x10 22 kg 6.4191x10 23 kg **SA MR 2.2652937 61 29 Km² kg 9.447525159x 10 30 Km² kg 8.537805899x 10 31 Km² kg 5.154891304x 10 28 Km² kg 2.255744575x 10 30 Km² kg **SAMR=>surface area to mass ratio Terrestrial planets by level of geological activity: 1. Earth 2. Venus 3. Mars 4. Mercury 5. Moon This list is composed by using the table above to recognize that the largest SAMR are the first on the list. The Moon and Mercury are last on the ranking list because they have the smallest SAMR. Being the smallest of the terrestrial planets, their interior heat dies earlier which means they do not have as much geological activity. The size and interior heat in a planet have a significant impact on the geological activity on the planet. With Earth being the largest and having the highest SAMR, it is ranked number one because it has a hot interior in outer core. The hot inside of Earth promotes volcanism and tectonics. Venus and Mars have average SAMR so they fall in the middle of the rankings because they do not harden earlier than Mercury or the Moon but they cool off earlier than Earth. 1
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Astro 104- HW 2 - Karen Sanchez Astronomy 104 Professor...

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