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PSY 101 S Exam 3 Study guide

PSY 101 S Exam 3 Study guide - PSY 101 S Exam 3 Study guide...

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PSY 101 S Exam 3 Study guide Please use this study guide to know what to focus on for studying for exam 3. However, this study guide will not tell you what will or will not be on the exam and cannot solely be relied on for studying for the exam. Please also use your textbook and mypsychlab as a resource. 1. What is social psychology? 2. Know the different ways how the situation influences people’s behaviors. 3. Define conformity. Know the experiment by Asch. What do we learn from the results of this experiment? 4. What is Obedience? Know the details of the Milgram’s experiment. What was so surprising about the results of this experiment? Know the Stanford experiment. 5. Define attitudes. Know the process of persuasion (central versus peripheral route). 6. What is compliance? Know and understand the various compliance techniques (foot in the door, low ball, door in the face, that’s not all, authority, liking etc.) 7. What is cognitive dissonance? How can it be resolved? 8.
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