Geography 349 EuropeFirst exam study guide

Geography 349 EuropeFirst exam study guide - Geography 349...

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Geography 349 Europe First exam study guide The first exam is worth 60 points. The exam consists of a mixture of identification, matching, multiple choice and short answer questions. You are responsible for lecture material through Oct 6, chapters 1-4 in your textbook, and the media readings posted on Learn@UW through Oct 6. Note on physical features: Since you have already taken a quiz on the location of physical features, there will be no questions of that kind on the exam. However, there will be physical feature questions that focus on the origins of or processes that created certain physical features (e.g, how was the English Channel formed?), about the importance of certain kinds of features (e.g., the fertility of loess soils), and about the general characteristics of the four physical feature regions (Northwest Highlands, North European Plain, Hercynian Uplands, and the Alpine and Mediterranean South) outlined in lecture and in your text, as well as the surrounding seas (i.e., in what ways would you differentiate between them?) and the special case of Iceland. In general, the exam attempts to test your knowledge of general processes and characteristics of Europe’s physical geography, population dynamics, and human-environment relationships. The best way to prepare is to generally go over your notes and readings, looking for main points, terms or themes (don’t forget to look at the media readings on Learn@UW). Since many of the questions on the exam will ask you to identify, match or explain things we have covered, it is probably a good idea to make sure that you recognize and can explain the origins of and/or importance of key features, terms or concepts. To help you with this, I have compiled a list
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Geography 349 EuropeFirst exam study guide - Geography 349...

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