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Geo 349 ch. 2 - Geo 349 Chapter 2 Europeans Environments...

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Geo 349 Chapter 2 Europeans Environments Intro - European environments have great diversity - Beginning paragraphs paint an image of flying over Europe Physical Setting - Europe lacks appropriate mass and a clearly defined boundary (on its eastern extremities) - Outline makes Europe distinctive. It stands out as an area on the globe where land meets sea in a strikingly complex manner. - Europe is surrounded by water on three sides (Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean/Black Seas, and North/Baltic/Arctic Sea) - Europe has a high proportion of islands and peninsulas to total area. Sea therefore is highly accessible. - Europe has acted historically as a “land bridge”. This has caused culture, trade, ideas, etc to be easily passed between Asia and Europe. Exposure to western seas has presented Europeans with special opportunities for overseas trade and colonization. - Another important aspect of Europe’s global position is its high altitude. - Position is the key to a basic understanding of the continent’s individual climatic regimes. Europe stands in the path of the North Atlantic Drift which being warm waters to the western and northern margins of the European landmass. - Atlantic based weather systems are carried eastward almost unhindered for long distances across the continent. -
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Geo 349 ch. 2 - Geo 349 Chapter 2 Europeans Environments...

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