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MGMT 330G Assignment: Mid-Term Summary To demonstrate your understanding of the contents we have covered in the first half of this term, please 1) summarize what you have learnt in not more than 500 words ; and 2) write a short explanation to each of the key terms listed below . You can find answers to these terms in the first ten chapters of the text. This assignment will be used as a factor to count towards your participation score. Your answers should be submitted in print before or during the class time on
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Unformatted text preview: Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 . Key terms: 1. International business 2. Off-shoring 3. Multinational enterprise (MNE) 4. Cultural difference 5. Individualism vs. collectivism 6. Intellectual property rights (IPR) 7. Gross domestic product (GDP) 8. Command economy 9. Market economy 10. Comparative advantage 11. Product life cycle theory (PLC) 12. Trade surplus 13. Dumping 14. Quota 15. Subsidy 16. Trade war 17. WTO 18. Exchange rate 19. Letter of credit 20. Black market...
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