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Fall, 2011 MGMT 330G Survey of International Business Section 001 08:30-09:45 in CS 403 Section 003 16:00-17:15 in WB 123 Instructor : Francis Sun e-mail : [email protected] Office : WB 237 Telephone : 801-863-5387 Office hours : by appointment PREREQUISITES Eng 2010 or Eng 2020 or Mgmt 2200 AND Mgmt 2300 Macroeconomics are prerequisites for this course. If you haven’t taken those courses but still believe strongly that you have obtained relevant knowledge from other sources to qualify you to take this course, please schedule a discussion with me to make a special case. READING MATERIALS Textbook: John D. Daniels, Lee H. Radebaugh, and Daniel P. Sullivan, International Business: Environments and Operations , 13 th Edition , Prentice Hall. Other Suggested Reading materials: 1. Internet resources: Google – news -- business – US + world 2. Additional reading materials, if any, will be distributed one week before each class. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers the issues in international business regarding cultural, political, and economic environments for international business, the agencies affecting international trade, the rationale and motives behind international expansion, the choice of entry modes, understanding of foreign culture and business practices, and formulation and implementation of international strategies. The major objectives of this course are to help students to understand the fundamentals of international business, to develop an appreciation of the unpredictable forces of foreign environments, and to explore how economic development, international trade, and international agencies (government and private) shape the ways international business managers carrying out business strategies in a global context. At the end, students are expected to develop the skills for analyzing situations and formulating solutions in an international business context.
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MGMT 330 G Syllabus Fall 2011 The teaching method is a combination of lectures, case studies, class discussion seminars, and team projects, with the emphasis focused heavily on case materials. Student preparation, presence, and participation are essential for this teaching method to work. Case preparation must go beyond descriptive facts, as we will not have time to explain or reiterate case information in the classroom. In the discussion, however, you must back up your arguments with the facts of the case. If you are unprepared for the discussion of a case or have to miss a class for a reason beyond your control, please let me know at your earliest convenience. COURSE EVALUATION: The final grade for this course is a combination of individual and group work and will be computed from the following components (each item is described in detail below): Evaluation component Due Date Weight 1. Class contribution (individual) Every class 25% 2. Group project & presentation December 6, Tuesday 35% 3. Final exam
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syllabus - Fall 2011 MGMT 330G Survey of International...

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