Mgmt 330G Final paper.

Mgmt 330G Final paper. - Risk Management: Country Risk...

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Risk Management: Risk management is an essential part of mitigating the potential risks that can occur in exporting. As we begin our venture our company is going to take every precautionary step possible in order to limit the risks that we will face. Our first step was to hire a qualified exporting team with prior experience in the exporting process and who has an understanding of the challenges and risks that come up. Next, to mitigate the country risk our exporting team has worked with the B.E.R.I. (Business environment risk intelligence) in order to gather all of the exporting details possible about Japan and their history in dealing with exporters. Next we have invested in several types of insurance that will give us back up if we do have problems. We are working with E.R.M., (Export Risk Management) and their purpose is to offer us political risk insurance which protects us against losses or damages caused by government interference or political violence. Although there is an increase in overhead tied to this insurance, we feel it is a priority during the start-up phase of our company.
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Mgmt 330G Final paper. - Risk Management: Country Risk...

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