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MGMT 495R SYLLABUS Reed and Christine Halladay Executive Lecture Series Fall 2011 Credit Hours: 1 Location: Ragan Theater Time: Thursdays 12:00 to 12:50 PM Dr. Eugene Seeley WB 219 801-863-8736 Email: [email protected] Emily Jimenez WB 128 801-863-8260 Email: [email protected] Course Description Consists of lectures presented by guest speakers on current business topics concerning the student, community, nation, business world, etc. Course Objectives 1. To receive instruction on contemporary, timely business issues from some of the most successful and prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs in Utah and the nation. 2. To provide an opportunity to discuss ideas of mutual interest with business leaders. 3. To expand career aspirations and employment opportunities. 4. To express knowledge and ideas appropriately in writing. 5. To integrate ideas from various business disciplines. Course Materials All class materials, such as the schedule of speakers, this syllabus, etc. are on Canvas. Classroom Courtesy You should make a special effort to treat speakers with courtesy and respect. You are expected to be on time for the class and to remain until after the presenter receives an honorarium. Except in cases of dire emergency, you should not leave during a lecture . The doors to the theater will close at 12:10 and you will not be allowed in after that time. Pagers, phones, and other electronic devices should be turned off during the class. No food or beverages are permitted in the theater. Reading, doing homework for other classes, sleeping, and talking with other students are not acceptable. Hats should not be worn during class. The way you behave in the
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class will provide the main impression the speaker will have of our university. It is always appropriate to express your appreciation to the speaker after the session. Attendance
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1314898664_95__Syllabus - MGMT 495R SYLLABUS Reed and...

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