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Persuasive Traffic Letter - City Auditor Wendy Greuel...

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August 4, 2011 Nancy Hulen City Transportation Manager, City of Idaho Falls 543 Main Street Idaho Falls, ID 83404-2019 Dear Nancy Hulen: (To Ms. Nancy Hulen:) Thank you for your dedicated service in our community. I am certain you have received many letters in connection with the proposal for red light cameras at the corner of Holmes and Woodruff. As a concerned citizen, I want to help you avoid a costly mistake. Let me explain how installing red light cameras would result in decreased revenue and minimal safety benefits. DECREASED REVENUE.  Installing red light cameras results in: Decreased ticketable offenses . City officials in Bolingbrook, Illinois lost revenue due to a 40 percent decrease in ticketable offenses. High operator fees . County Commissioner Roger Christensen reported that operating company RedDog Traffic Systems would charge $20 per ticket issued. Increased operating costs . The City of Los Angeles disconnected its 32 cameras after
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Unformatted text preview: City Auditor Wendy Greuel discovered that operating costs exceeded $1.5 million annually. MINIMAL SAFETY BENEFITS. Red light cameras yield subpar results: • No measureable accident reduction : A study by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) concluded that decrease in intersection accidents, “was not statistically significant.” • Minimal injury prevention : The same FHA study indicated that cameras reduce the number of accident injuries by less than 5 percent. • Increased rear-end collisions : The City Council of Lubbock, Texas, shut down cameras after a report indicated that rear-end collisions had actually increased. Research clearly indicates that red light cameras are not an effective investment. Thank you for taking a look at the facts and being willing to making an educated decision. Your responsible use of taxpayer dollars is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Taylor Romrell...
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