myitlab FAQs - Myitlab FAQs for DGM 1010/2010 What is...

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Myitlab FAQs for DGM 1010/2010 What is myitlab? Myitlab is an online assessment and training tool with self-paced activities that support your learning. These activities are performance based. Skill exercises target specific features and Grader projects put these features to work in business-based scenerios. How do I register for myitlab? To view a video on how to register for myitlab, go to: What is Today’s View? When you first enter myitlab,the Today’s View tab displays with two main areas: Notifications where your instructor may post messages for you and the Calendar which allows you to locate the activities that have been assigned to you by their due date. By default the current month and day are displayed in the calendar. If you click a date in the calendar, the Course Content window opens to the Course Calendar, which lists any assignments for that day. Since all assignments are typically due the day of the exam, it may be easier for you to see suggested due dates so you can complete assignments every week rather than waiting until the end. To view suggested due dates: 1. Click the Course Content tab. 2. Click the Course Materials or Course Resources tab. 3. Open the Schedules tab. 4. Locate the schedule for your class and open it. 5. Note the current day, the reading/lecture topic, the assignment, and the suggested due date. If you complete the work by the suggested due date, you won’t be overwhelmed with assignments immediately before the test. How do I view my grades? The Grades tool allows you to view grades for the assignments you have submitted. From the Grades tab, you can view your submissions, generate reports, or send a message to your instructor. If an activity is not a 'gradable' assignment, the activity status (for example, Completed, In Progress, Not attempted) displays instead of a grade. You can access the Grades tool in two ways: Click the Grades tab in the toolbar. On the Today's View page, click the New Grades link in the left navigation bar of the Notifications area. Click the Go to Grades link in the New Grades area to view the Grades tab. The Display option appears In the top left corner of the grades area. This option is used to display either all the items or only completed items in the Gradebook. Completed items : When Completed items is selected, the gradebook displays only those activities that have at least one submission. Completed items is selected by default. All items
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myitlab FAQs - Myitlab FAQs for DGM 1010/2010 What is...

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