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Digital Media Course: Business Computer Proficiency Number: DGM 2010 Semester: Spring 2011 Credits: 3 Teacher Information: Shalece Nuttall Office: WB 257A Telephone: 863-6719 E-mail: Course Description: Requires students to become proficient in using presentations, spreadsheet, and database software programs for business and personal use. Includes intermediate document formatting, styles, and collaboration tools; electronic presentation creation; spreadsheet design, charts, list manipulation, and a variety of basic, financial, statistical, and lookup functions; and database tables, forms, report generation, and queries. Students are expected to have demonstrated proficiency in computer concepts, operating systems, Internet, e-mail, and word processing. Prerequisites: ( DGM 1010 with a grade of B- or higher) or (Basic Computer Applications Exam with a score of 80% or higher) Course Objectives: Upon successful completion you should be able to analyze information, solve problems, and communicate information using common office software. Included, but not limited to: Spreadsheet Skills Create, format, save, and print a spreadsheet. Name ranges and use named ranges in formulas. Create absolute, relative, and mixed cell addresses. Create formulas and functions including financial functions (NPV, PMT, FV, PV, RATE); database functions (Vlookup, Hlookup, Today); conditional functions (IF); and statistical functions (AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT). Embed and link content. Sort, filter, and subtotal data. Create, modify, and format graphs. Insert and customize Sparklines. Apply conditional formatting. Print meeting defined criteria. Manage time effectively in order to complete tasks on time. Database Skills Create and manage a database. Practice good database file management. Create tables, forms, queries, and reports in datasheet view, design view, and using wizards. Set field types and properties. Sort, find, and filter records. Digital Media Office: CS 526
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Define relationships. Create complex queries using criteria. Create a calculated field in a query. Add Aggregate functions to datasheets and queries. Import and export database data. Manage time effectively in order to complete tasks on time. Electronic Presentation Skills Create, format, save, display, and print a presentation. Apply professional design principles. Customize masters. Apply animation and transitions. Insert and modify objects (clip art, images, SmartArt, tables, charts). Embed and link content. Enhance a presentation with media rich tools. Insert interactive elements (hyperlinks and action buttons). Manage time effectively in order to complete tasks on time.
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syllabus0 - Digital Media Course: Business Computer...

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